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Brighten up the inside

Light is a photographer’s best friend. It brings out natural depth, color, and contrast in a setting. Great lighting makes your pictures look more professional overall.

Shoot during the day, turn on all the lights, open the curtains and let in all of the natural light. Most modern phone cameras will adjust for bright spots by darkening the rest, so focus the camera away from the windows if possible.

Take the pictures from a corner

This shows a broad range of space and adds dimension to the pictures. Shooting flat onto a wall can make a space seem smaller than in real life, while corners help give a sense of true perspective.


Take some time to remove the clutter from your pad. It’ll be less distracting and generally make your place seem more inviting and spacious. Put yourself in their shoes and what you would want to see.

Pretend you’re an interior decorator—arrange some flowers, fan some magazines, dust surfaces. Be as tidy as you’ve ever been. Clean up but be sure the photo aligns as closely as possible to the actual space when prospective residents arrive. Let pictures be a true reflection of what a replacement resident will expect to see when toured.

Highlight any and all amenities

Do you have a sweet backyard patio? Awesome neighbors? An awesome kitchen? Is there an amazing view? An in-unit washer-dryer? A fireplace? Let prospective residents know with pictures just as you would want to know.

Prospective renters love the little details too! Shed light on everything which makes your pad unique and highlight anything you personally loved living there.

Take photos of surrounding outside

What’s outside is just as important as what’s inside your pad. Help set renter’s expectations of their new pad by photographing it from the outside.

And don’t forget your neighborhood! Any renter will get excited about their neighborhood as well as their future home. Brag about what is within walking distance so if you live close to somewhere amazing such as a great restaurant, or gorgeous scenery, put some pics of it!

Take Pictures

The most important photo tips for making your pad shine!

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